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All ebook titles can be downloaded free of charge. If you are able to do so, purchasing copies of the print editions would be deeply appreciated.

Fiction Titles

Distorted Perceptions – Novel


Distorted Perceptions – Ebook

Distorted Perceptions – Ebook – Obooko

Distorted Perceptions – Paperback 

The two related images below contain hyperlinks to the paperback edition on Amazon. To find other outlets, such as Barnes and Noble, Google: “Distorted Perceptions Paula Puddephatt”, or a similar search term. 

About the origins of Distorted Perceptions. Or read an extract from the novel.

Alternative Landscapes – Short Story Collection

This is a collection of Short Stories from my archives. Please note that these stories are mainly Flash Fiction.

Alternative Landscapes – Paperback – Amazon

Alternative Landscapes – Paperback – Lulu

Alternative Landscapes – Ebook

Alternative Landscapes – Ebook – Obooko

Short Story Ebooks – Individual, Complete Stories

Sports’ Day

Second Chance

Non-Fiction Writing Craft Titles

Creating Believable Characters

Creating Believable Characters – Paperback – Amazon

Creating Believable Characters – Paperback – Lulu

Creating Believable Characters – Ebook – Obooko

Settings and Atmosphere

Settings and Atmosphere – Ebook – Obooko

Poetry mini-collection, Vibrant Carousel

Paula’s Lulu Spotlight

Download individual Short Stories and Flash Fiction, by Paula Puddephatt and others, through the Obooko website.

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