paula-writerIn case you didn’t already realise, my novel, released in April 2020, entitled Distorted Perceptions, can be download free of charge in ebook formats. Details of this, and my other available publications, can be found on my Paula’s Books page.

The novel is set primarily in the 1980s. Distorted Perceptions isn’t easy to place into a genre or category, and does address many issues that are close to my heart. These include: drug addiction, alcoholism, and problem drinking; mental health and suicide; rape and sexual abuse. I definitely don’t shy away from dark and controversial subjects, and there are strong autobiographical elements, but the story is not an autobiography or memoir, as I discuss in a post about the novel and its origins.

There is a paperback version of Distorted Perceptions, which I would encourage you to consider purchasing, if that interests you, and you would like, in a small way, to support what I’m doing. This edition, obviously, isn’t free. But all ebook versions are.

I’m aware that making my novel free – particularly given that it is a standalone title, as opposed to a series starter – could lead to potential readers and critics regarding Distorted Perceptions as less valuable. Yet, I have been through so much to bring this work into existence, and put my heart and soul into the project, which has not been short-term. I’ve done research. I’ve also lived through my own hell, which has informed much of what has resulted in the end product.

In the end, I felt that reaching readers – the book’s right, ideal readers – was my highest priority. I don’t believe that Distorted Perceptions is for everyone. But I believe that there are people out there who will deeply appreciate this novel. My hope and mission is to reach as many of them as possible. For that reason, the book is available, free of charge, in ebook formats.

Thank you to Obooko and Draft 2 Digital, without whom these ebooks would not be out there. And thank you to everyone who has, or ever will, read Distorted Perceptions or/and my other work.


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