So, the position with the Distorted Perceptions print book is that my novel’s paperback edition was published on Lulu, and is technically available.

I was generally happy with it, except for an issue – Lulu’s end – involving words being meshed together, following instances of words I’d written in italics.

It doesn’t by any means happen right through the book, but does occur a few times, and needs to be fixed. The book isn’t unreadable, but the issue could potentially distract a reader.

However, Lulu are in the process of updating their website.

I can’t currently even access my account. My username, email, and passwords are all apparently invalid. Lulu’s Customer Services are currently inundated, and I haven’t received anything other than generated email replies to my queries.

KDP Print – I found simply overwhelming.

I just tried out Blurb, and my PDFs were apparently all the wrong sizes and dimensions.

I’m disappointed, as I had visions of creating hardback editions, along with the paperback. For now, however – I can only recommend the ebook versions. All are free to download. A recent post about the publication of the novel should clarify.

If you’re determined to own a Distorted Perceptions paperback, and are willing to overlook the minor technical issues described, the book is available to purchase via Lulu – if, that is, you have an account you can access. It isn’t available through Amazon and other sites, as I hadn’t got as far as setting up expanded distribution.

Bear with me on this. It’s incredibly frustrating, and disheartening. I’ve worked so hard on the project.