Like, seriously? Trusting a facility on Open Office???

As for why I’ve been using Open Office – and am now back on WordPad – don’t ask.

Yes, I did pay money for Microsoft Word, the full package. It has been a nightmare, and the only advice I received was to download Open Office, and use that instead, as it apparently did everything that Word does and would suffice.

Anyway, it seems probable that Distorted Perceptions is nearer 82,934 words. And that’s fine, but it has caused confusion. See my last post about the release of my novel. I based that new statistic on information provided by Draft 2 Digital, but it’s also in line with data given by a free online word counter I used.

For more information on Distorted Perceptions, and other Paula Puddephatt publications, my Paula’s Books page is the best page to visit.


More from me soon, hopefully.