So, Distorted Perceptions – where do I start?

Yes, Distorted Perceptions is finally published. It’s now available to download, free of charge, from various websites, in ebook formats. If you would like to know more about the origins of Distorted Perceptions, or read an extract, then check out the hyperlinked posts.

Details will be included later, in this post. Please do note, also, that there is a Paula’s Books page, and these links, along with others to Paula Puddephatt publications, can be found here.

The writing process for Distorted Perceptions has been long, and extremely challenging – often, overwhelming.

Software issues definitely did not help. Specifically, I refer to the failure of Microsoft to provide Word, even though this was paid for – and having to struggle instead with Open Office and WordPad.

The former ultimately caused so much stress that I’m actually back to using the latter, currently.

That said, I’m actually proud to have completed so many projects, making the best of what facilities I did have – including a novel of almost 85k words.

Ongoing health and personal issues have made the process still more difficult, and of course, 2020 happened, and we all know what that means. It’s beyond the scope of this particular post.

The publishing process has been stressful too, and almost too much.

I had to make some last minute continuity changes (minor but concerning enough to me). I would like to acknowledge the support of Tim from Obooko, in this area. He provided assistance via email, and implemented the needed changes efficiently. And they were changes I had previously failed to spot, and which I subsequently noticed, after having gone ahead and published.

I discovered today that one of the sites listing my ebook describes it as containing “82k words”, which is worrying. At the moment, I’m finding it all too difficult to cope with, so haven’t looked into it specifically, as yet.

Update: See my recent post about the word count of my novel.

But, for anyone who downloads my ebook, please know that it should contain the following: an IntroductionChapters One to Fifty-Four, and an Epilogue.

If your copy doesn’t contain all of these parts, please reach out to me through social media – preferably either Twitter or Instagram, because I tend to neglect the other sites. I will then rectify the situation, in any way I can manage. Alternatively, leave a comment, here on this blog.

In terms of where I’m at now, I feel burnt out, and unsure as to which direction to take, with my future writing. Hopefully, I will expand upon this soon, in another blog post.

I am working on the paperback edition of Distorted Perceptions, and will provide updates on this, when possible. Paperback latest position: Currently available through Lulu only. If I am able to do so, I will make it available via expanded distribution in the future, and am sorry that I’m not able to do this right now.

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