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Tumblr: New Year, New Start

Multiple Tumblr Accounts?

The current position is that I’m struggling to keep up with even the one Tumblr account.

I will try to post on all three eventually, but for now, my main and original account is the one to follow.

I did receive an email from Tumblr, a fortnight into the New Year, stating that the account had being reinstated – which, in fact, had happened on around 1 January. I discovered this by chance.

All things considered, I feel that my best option is to stay with this account. It’s extremely difficult to build any sort of Tumblr following from scratch – or, at least, it has been for me.

In other news, I’m having technical issues with the free version of Canva.

This, along with other ongoing health and personal challenges, does mean that my social media, in general, is suffering.

But not. Apparently, my Facebook 80s/90s Music page.

This Facebook page somehow grew to over 900 fans, even though I hadn’t posted for months.

Days later, it’s at over 1k and ā€“ touch wood ā€“ growing. I do also have an equivalent retro music page on Twitter. I hope to start posting more consistently on both.

Blog post, written shortly after this one, specifically relating to the unexpected, sudden success of my 80s/90s Music Facebook page.


More writing craft posts should follow, in the near future. Keep believing.