I mentioned my 80s/90s Music Facebook page in my previous post, regarding Tumblr.

This will be another very brief post, but I felt that I wanted to post specifically about my first ever 1k Facebook page.

Over 1k page “likes” on a Facebook page.

To me, and for me – that’s simply awesome.

I would love to tell you all how it happened. In truth, I don’t really know. I had hardly been going on to Facebook, and this page the most neglected of my three “fan” pages.

I had been scheduling a very low number of posts to my author and poetry pages, but hadn’t posted, scheduled or otherwise, to the music page, for a few months.

I returned to find that the page had over 900 fans, and subsequently started posting on the page.

Days later, the figure was over 1k. Hopefully, it will continue to grow, although social media algorithms are notoriously unpredictable.

My posts are also getting more reach than I’ve been accustomed to on Facebook.

Being honest, I’ve become used to almost no reach – and occasionally, none at all. So, this has come as a real surprise to me – and a welcome one, of course.


Could it be that organic reach on Facebook isn’t dead, after all? Who knows?

But do check out my page, if you appreciate 1980s and 1990s music. Also, the equivalent 80s/90s Music page on Twitter.


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