In my Tumblr: New Year, New Start post, I explained that my original Tumblr account had been “terminated”.

The Tumblr account in question has now been reinstated.

I didn’t receive a response, as such, to the message I sent, regarding why it had been closed down. I believe that it was connected with overall changes that Tumblr is implementing, and nothing specifically to do with my own content. But, anyway – the account is back, and I’ve been able to access it again.

I had started again, and was, in many respects, happier with the fresh, alternative Paula Writes Tumblr account.

Except for the fact that it really is an uphill struggle to rebuild from scratch, and people aren’t (yet) following the new page. I’m effectively posting to myself on there, and I don’t know whether this will improve or not, or how long it will take.

Since I don’t know what the future holds, I’m going, as far as possible, to keep both accounts active – and also, one for inspirational and motivational quotes, called Believe in Yourself and Your Dreams.

So, somewhat messy and confusing, but for now, it’s how it is. I have multiple, active Tumblr pages. Please follow any or all of them. It helps.

Writing craft posts should resume, in the near future. Watch this space.

Happy New Year.

24 January 2019: Latest update regarding Paula Writes on Tumblr.

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