My original Tumblr account was, for no apparent reason, terminated, just before Christmas 2018.

I hope to rebuild from scratch, on my new account.

Any support, including follows, and spreading the word, would be deeply appreciated.

As with all of my social media accounts, the primary focus will be upon all things writing related, and I will also regularly share inspirational and motivational quotes.

I’ve also set up a page on, and remain active on Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

Very best wishes for 2019.

1 January 2019 update: My original Tumblr was reinstated. Will try to keep posting on both this account, and the new one, for a while. I need to decide what to do, as I like the idea of a fresh start, but gaining followers isn’t easy, on an account which has close to zero. You need followers to get followers, for sure. And more support from family and friends than I’m likely, realistically, to receive – but that’s it’s own story.

2 January 2019 update: Why I Currently Have Multiple Tumblr Accounts

Tumblr for Writers: Social Media and Your Author Platform