Regular readers of this blog may have noticed the lack of new posts recently.

This short post is simply to ensure that I don’t go silent on you all, for the whole of December.

Health issues, and various life circumstances, continue to be challenging, to put it mildly, and I don’t honestly know how many more posts will appear in 2018. Any that do will be a bonus.

However, I have actually been working on the blog: primarily updating graphics.

I’m planning to focus mainly on writing craft, going forward. Any specific ideas for blog posts are always welcome.

Season’s greetings, and very best wishes for 2019 (in case I don’t update again, before then – even though I still might…)

Thank you to all who have supported what I’m doing with this website, and my various projects. 

And peace and blessings to those who don’t get it, or want to. I’m not going to let your blend of negativity, indifference, and cruelty stop me, that’s all. 

Update, relating to my Tumblr account


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