Please note that Google Plus is due to close on 2 April 2019, making this post irrelevant.

I’ve already written a post about how to use Google Plus, as part of your author platform.

I did discuss the central role of Google Plus Collections, and touched upon the fact that Google Plus Communities were also very much a feature of the platform.

However, I wasn’t in a position to comment on Google Plus Communities, as I hadn’t really explored them.

I still have very limited experience of Communities, but have reached the stage of wanting to learn more about them. Along with Collections, I believe Communities to be a vital aspect of success on Google Plus.

Google Plus Communities are roughly equivalent to groups on Facebook.

There are also notable parallels between Google Plus Communities and group boards on Pinterest – and also, I would suggest, between Collections and regular Pinterest boards.

Collections are made up of our own posts, on related themes or subjects.  Communities, likewise, are groups of posts on related subjects, and visually, in terms of format, they appear almost identical to Collections. However, as the name suggests, Community posts are from multiple contributors.

I’ve started two of my own Communities.

One is called Google Plus Writers, and is intended to bring together writers on the platform. It’s a place to share all things writing related, including blog posts, videos, and writing and inspirational quotes.

The second is called Writing Quotes and, as the name suggests, will focus purely, or primarily, upon sharing relevant quotes.

The Communities are very much in the early stages, but hopefully they will grow and develop, over time.

If you’re a writer who uses Google Plus, I invite you to take a look, and consider joining one or both of the new Community groups.

Even if you’re not a fan of Google Plus, you’re welcome to mention the Communities to any writer friends, who do use the site.

09/10/2018 update: I was sad to learn that Google Plus is apparently closing next year, as a consumer website.  

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