I recently rediscovered a chronic illness blog that I maintained for a while, and it reminded me how incredibly open I have tended to be about my health issues.

I would say that I’m still open, but perhaps slightly more guarded about certain aspects. I’ve been burnt too many times – and I’ve also learnt the harsh truth, that most of the time, most people don’t want to know, especially about the “not so pretty” aspects of the illnesses, with which many of us struggle.

I’m definitely struggling with self-acceptance right now.

I’ve been through changes, and don’t know how to be okay with the way I am currently. I can definitely improve in many aspects, but need to find the inner strength to fight – and hold on to this strength, when it does appear that I’m being pushed to breaking point, and having more hurled at me, continually.

I received a diagnosis yesterday, a more severe form of a diagnosis I had previously.

The news has left me reeling. I have a couple of ongoing health issues that I don’t feel I can discuss with many people at all, and this is one of them.

I have edited out a significant portion of this post, because I found myself specifically discussing my family circumstances, and it doesn’t seem appropriate, in the context of this blog.

I don’t defend many of the people’s actions and attitudes, but to go into it would take the blog in a different direction, and that’s not my aim.

My health issues, along with various social and housing problems, are making it extremely difficult for me to keep going with my various projects.

I haven’t been able to make my novel a priority, as I would have liked.

In a recent post, I discussed my struggles with social media, and the need to remain both positive and authentic.

I subsequently added to some of what I had said in that post, in another about positivity, challenges and hope.

Both of these posts relate strongly to this one.  Also, refer to my posts about mental and physical health issues, and being a writer, and my personal writing journey.

Again, apologies to anyone who is waiting to read more from me about writing craft. Hopefully, I will return to those posts, in the future.  Meanwhile, if you missed my POV post, that might be of interest.

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