Some people plan every post.

Others don’t plan at all. In truth, I’ve approached it both ways.

For the most part, I would plan out a writing craft post, or anything more involved.

I tend to use mind maps, and sometimes lists, to help sort out what would otherwise be a chaotic and overwhelming mass of information, in my poor, overloaded brain.

Planning often helps to break up the task of creating a new post, into manageable portions. It makes the process easier.

And yet, I need to contradict myself, on that point. Sometimes it doesn’t make it easier. Sometimes the thought of having to plan a blog post in advance can actually make the task feel daunting.

Sometimes I simply need to write, if I’m going to at all. Which, yes – is what I’m doing right now. Making it up as I go along? Yes, precisely. Scary, right? But actually, not so bad.

And I need to forget all the “rules”, and the fact that posts need to be a particular length, for SEO purposes.

Being honest here – 700 to 1000 words is difficult for me, even if that is viewed as pretty much a minimum. I try not to overthink it though, as posts find their own natural length, and each one is different.

Maybe I can even push aside the thought that what I’m writing might not be valuable to my target audience.

My what? I write for anyone who cares enough to read my words. Oh dear, shouldn’t I have some specific demographic in mind? Well, technically, yes. But, if you’re reading and appreciating my blog posts – hey, you’re my target reader.

Is this all just ramble? Perhaps. If it is, so be it.

Random thoughts and feelings have their place.

Even unplanned blog posts have their place.

Hopefully, more writing craft posts to come, in the near future. Need to start planning…

Keep believing.

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