I’ve written about various social media related topics, most of which relate specifically to the role that social media networks can play in building your author platform online.

The problem with these type of posts is that they soon become out of date, and will never be entirely evergreen, by their very nature. Social media is constantly moving and evolving. Because of this, I’ve been feeling that an update might be beneficial. I’ll mainly discuss changes regarding my personal approach to social media, in this particular post.

Firstly, Flickr – not a site I’ve previously discussed, on this blog.

I used to be extremely active on Flickr, but haven’t been able to access my original account for some time. Last year, I did set up a new account, but didn’t do much with it. I’ve recently added more images, and hope to post more consistently on the site, in the future – but time will tell. And I also now have a Pinterest board, exclusively for my Flickr images.

I have joined the various groups I set up originally, although I no longer have admin status on those groups.

Or, more accurately, I have the status, but not on the account I’m actually able to access. I did also set up a new group, called Colourful Chaos, but haven’t done much with it as yet, and not sure whether I will or not. Many of my original groups are actually still active, which is encouraging.

Now, moving on from Flickr: Instagram.

I actually adjusted the part about Instagram, in my Social Media for Writers post, to reflect that I am now using this platform. Somehow, I don’t feel comfortable with tweaking posts in this way, however – even though I have heard many bloggers advise doing so. To me, it would become endless, as many things do alter, over time. I prefer to say what I say, and then update the information via future posts. I just find that less confusing.

Anyway, Instagram…

Yes, it’s true. I’m finally using Instagram, and loving it.

My main problem has always been the practical side, and particularly the issue of Instagram cropping photos.

Anything taken on a DSLR or creative compact ideally needs to be resized, but right now, I’m working around these factors, in my own way – which is kind of what I do. My quotes, poems and other text images – such as, the one above – are actually created on the Paint package on my laptop, and any borders or colour filters are, in general, added later, on Google Photos, which I use on my Hudl 2. So, basically, the practical issues always made Instagram stressful for me, but I’m working around them right now, because the positive aspects make it worth the extra effort.  The community is amazing.

Hashtags are where it’s at on Instagram, and I’m in the process of discovering the best ones to use.

You can use up to 30 per post and, having watched many You Tube videos, and read blog posts, on the subject, I have to say that there’s no clear answer, as to how many you should be ideally use. I’ve heard 5 to 7. I’ve also frequently heard that not to use all 30 is to miss out. And I’ve heard pretty much everything in between. So, I’m experimenting, and learning as I go.

And, as with Pinterest, I’m not using any scheduling whatsoever for Instagram.

I post in real time, and that’s it, pretty much. I find consistency difficult, to be honest – but I also kind of like it, in some respects.

Now, on the subject of scheduling – having reread my post on how I schedule for social media, and the part 2 of this, I realised that I don’t schedule quite as much as I used to.

Buffer has made some changes, and I find it more difficult to use. I only occasionally use Buffer and Social Oomph nowadays.

I use Twittimer daily, and almost all of my Tweets now go through this app. It works for me.

Now that I hardly use Buffer, I post less frequently on Google Plus – which, honestly, really does seem dead, of late. And less on Facebook. More thoughts to come about Facebook.

In my social media scheduling post, I mentioned the Tumblr queues.

I still use the Tumblr queueing system, but am constantly varying the frequency settings on there, for different reasons.

So, Facebook.

I’m not currently treating it as a priority. I update my pages, as and when, either in real time, or by scheduling a post or two, via Facebook’s native scheduler. My group, Writing Forever, needs more time and energy than I’m currently prepared or able to give it. Music Forever, similar – but I’m lucky enough to have a few members who post, and that keeps it going, at a low level.

Twitter remains my main social network, and I love the community on there.

That said, I’ve been feeling that I need to vary posts more, and take things to the next level somehow. I did say, in my Twitter for Writers post, that I only use 2 hashtags on my posts now. In fact, I’ve recently experimented with using 3-4 on some posts, having noticed a trend towards using slightly more tags. I’ll probably return to 2 per post though, as it’s what I’m generally more comfortable with.

I’m not updating my 80s/90s Music Twitter page much at all. As with many other aspects of my social media, this is something that I’ve not made a priority.

In my Social Media for Writers post, when I listed the sites that didn’t use, and couldn’t advise on, I mentioned Reddit.

I don’t use Reddit, but I do have an account, and there’s a possibility that I will explore this site, in the future – but no immediate plans to do so.

So that’s my “all over the place” summary of where I’m at right now, in terms of my social media. See also: Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups and Twitter: Going Into 2018 and Facebook Changes, Pinterest and All Things Social Media. And I’ve also written a post, giving my opinions about secret Facebook groups.

July 2018 update: Please refer to my more recent posts, regarding Instagram and Pinterest.

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