A slightly different post this time.

As a writer of Modern Historical Fiction, set primarily in the 1980s, I’m obviously a little obsessed with the era.

So, here goes.

1. Grange Hill.

It had to be said. Grange Hill was totally awesome – and recently “turned forty”, so happy birthday, GH.

2. The music.

Let’s face it, the 1980s and 1990s did produce some of the best music ever. If you love it too, check out my blog, and Facebook and Twitter pages, dedicated to music from both decades.

3. Speak ‘n’ Spell and Little Professor.

You either know what I mean or you don’t. I knew more answers on one than the other. You can probably guess…

4. Rubik’s Cubes.

They’re a cliché, but they were also a very real part of the 80s, and I’ve still got my original one.

5. Care Bears.

We mainly collected the plastic ones. The cuddly toy version were super expensive. I had to include them, because Care Bears were – and are – definitely awesome.

6. Sindy.

Okay, Barbie, too – but mainly Sindy. The ballerina outfits were beyond cute.

7. Phone boxes.

Well, they were, in reality, always being vandalised. But, from a heritage and beauty point of view, they’re great, especially the older, red ones.

8. Tapes.

As in, audio cassettes. True, they were always getting screwed up in the machines, but they were pretty cool. If vinyl is being revived, why not cassettes?

9. Walkmans.

That ties in with the tapes, right?

10. Computers.

Yes, they did exist. No, they didn’t connect to the internet. But we did have Space Invaders – or the Acorn Electron’s version, which was called Arcadians. Who needs Google, Facebook or Twitter, when you could be playing Arcadians?
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