paula-writerscariest-moment-Stephen-KingFinally, I’m writing another blog post – so let’s talk about this, right?

Procrastination. It’s a problem, and one with which many of us are familiar.

It’s a major part of why I can’t – or won’t – physically look at my work in progress (novel), for weeks on end, even though I am often experiencing vivid scenes from the story, in my imagination – even though I know that I will beat myself up about my own lack of productivity, until I actually get around to writing again.

It’s one thing to procrastinate when you really don’t want to do something, and external pressures are the driving forces.

When it’s our own dreams that are being shoved aside and sacrificed, it really is not okay.

I don’t believe that people procrastinate, on the whole, on account of laziness.

I think that perfectionism, and a lack of self-confidence, are often the issues.

I do think that giving ourselves multiple options can help. If we make one or two goals the priority, it creates resistance.

Certainly in my own case, once something goes into the “Big Thing” category, in my mind, the sense of panic builds up, and my brain sets to work, at finding every way possible to “get out of it”.

I will do anything but the “Big Thing”.

I will also refuse to give myself credit for anything that I achieve, in any other area, whilst avoiding said “Big Thing”.

And yes, my lack of blog posts is because these have also become a “Big Thing”.

Therefore, I’m writing this now, and it may not feel “good enough” to me, but it is something. These are definitely words, and this is some sort of blog post.

Keep the faith. Believe in yourself, and your dreams – always.

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