abandoned-blogs-socialOkay, so first things first: the new blog – as in, this one.

By the time that I got the thing set up – and I can barely remember now what the specific technical issues were – well, let’s just say that I lost some of the initial enthusiasm. The result has been – a lack of actual blog posts.

I moved from Blogger to WordPress, but even then, I set up a hosted site, rather than self-hosted.

For now, I’m just running with it. I also know that it isn’t regarded as “professional” not to have your own domain, but I have to be confident that I’m going to stay with this site, before I can justify any sort of expenditure, especially on my very limited budget. November 2018 update: I did upgrade recently, but am still using WordPress.com. It works for me right now. I still feel that there is too much stigma attached to “free websites”, and not owning your own domain. But I actually do now have a “proper domain”, which is awesome.

One question that people sometimes ask is why I have set up so many blogs, over the years – and why I abandon blogs and set up new ones, instead of simply staying with one, and shifting the focus somewhat.

There is no clear answer to that, except that it’s so easy to start again, and I feel refreshed and set free from previous attempts. However, this time, I really do hope to settle in one place. I’m not going to make too many “rules” about what subjects to cover, at least not initially. If I’m posting at all, that will be progress, and I don’t want to create further obstacles for myself.

Right, now the issue of multiple Twitter accounts.

My main and original Twitter account is the one that I currently use. My secondary account, called Paula Writes, was supposed to be a “writing only” page, which I didn’t “spam” with music posts and the like.

The truth is that I try not to spam any of my social media pages with my favourite music videos, or anything else, nowadays. I try, and I think that I mostly succeed – and I still share music videos, in moderation, because it’s a part of who I am. It doesn’t really work for me to divide myself into different “parts” on Twitter, and I forget to update the second account.

That said, some of the followers on there don’t follow my primary page, and to deactivate altogether feels drastic – so we’ll see. November 2018 update: See my note, at the end of this post, about my Twitter accounts. The Paula Writes one no longer exists.

One additional reason why I set up the page was so that I could post to Twitter without posting to my Facebook profile page, but I removed the Twitter to Facebook connection, in any case, last year.

I had to take some time out from Facebook, for various personal reasons, and seriously considered leaving – but ultimately, stayed with it, and am finally making regular posts on my poetry page, Vibrant Darkness, with a little help from scheduling.

I have just launched an author page on Facebook, too – where I hope to focus more upon the fiction side of writing.


I hope that this is clear. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in my journey, and who continues to do so. I deeply appreciate it.

Find me on social media.  Also, please note that I did deactivate the “writing only” Twitter page, since publishing this post.  My main account, however, does focus primarily upon writing and related subject areas.  I have a different account, dedicated to music from the 1980s and 1990s.  Twitter is definitely one of the best places to connect with me online.

Update on the Paula Writes blog, as we head towards 2019